Walking Street

Walking Street

  • Location:Bophut beach
  • Venue:Enjoy bar
  • Length:All Day
  • – 11:00 pm
  • Free Entry

During the Walking street every cocktails @ Enjoy for 50 baht only
Fishermen’s Village holds its walking street on a Friday and the ideal time to go is around 5.30pm (or before a sundowner at the quiet end of the street). We tend to enter the main gate (under the Fishermen’s Village sign) and walk down to the performance area and jetty. The streets are mainly pedestrianized and you are greeted by tables of spring rolls, mojitos, satay, carved coconuts, fried chicken, leather wallets, guitar strings, replica cosmetics, Tshirts and hand carved soaps. The food is mostly cooked at the stalls in a health-and-safety-free zone of cooking oil, bottled gas and fire, but there is so much to take in that you have to walk slowly, pausing at each stand to examine the wares.